Survey reports

Xinhua Infolink has been focusing on energy and commodity research since 2000. As the leader in consultation services on China related issues, the company has provided service to more than one hundreds multi-nationals, most of which are in the industries of energy, mining, investment and consulting, including Mitsubishi, Mitsui, Sumitomo, Itochu, Rio Tinto, BP, and NEDO, just name a few. 
Through specially arranged partnerships, Xinhua Infolink has strong data support from the China Coal Transport & Distribution Association, the China Iron and Steel Association, China Customs, the National Bureau of Statistics, and the China Electricity Council. The company is also able to access information related to major domestic coal and power players, and has strong connections with active coal traders.

Domestic Coal Supply, demand, and forecasts
China’s Coal Imports
Trading of Mongolian Coal
Coal Stocks & Terminals
Construction of 13 Coal Bases
Logistics of the major Power
Desulfurization at thermal power
Coal Purchase at thermal power
Coal Supply & Demand at Coastal Power Plants