Produced jointly by IHS McCloskey and Xinhua Infolink, the publications include China Coal Monthly, and China Coal Daily. For the Chinese coal market, they represent the highest degree of professionalism, as well as unparalleled analytical skills built up over the past decade. The publications cover all important events and trends in China, and give real time analysis on current and future development. Stories also cover power, steel, macro, infrastructure, and government policies, which are utterly crucial in understanding the Chinese coal market.  
Xinhua Infolink has built a powerful database to support its coal reporting and studies. The statistics originate from data released by authorities, purchases from other research organizations, and statistics compiled by Xinhua through project research.
Xinhua Infolink and IHS McCloskey are proud of their China coal markers, which are the South China CFR, FOB Qinhuangdao, and domestic coal freights. The data are independently compiled after collecting trade information and price reviews from hundreds of producers, traders and consumers, and utilizing McCloskey’s methodologies.

<China Coal Monthly >
The most reliable information source for all players in the APAC region for more than ten years. For these market participants, understanding China is the first step in understanding the world picture. Detailed analysis is offered for all the key statistics and developments, and ...

<China Coal Daily>
It’s a product aimed to uncover truth behind latest trends and events. Topics are those that have immediate impact or with longer tern market significance. ndependantly compiled statistics are provided, including domestic FOB markers, weekly CFR markers, freights, and stocks at ...

<China Coal Times>
This report covers different aspects of China’s steam coal and coking coke markets, such as coal production of main coal producing provinces, coal consumption of power plants, market trends, and coal transporting issuess