Summit forums

Together with China Coal Transport & Distribution Association, CoalinQ and IHS McCloskey, Xinhua Infolink started to hold international coal conferences in 2003, aiming to promote the research of coal in China and abroad by inviting relevant officials and leaders of associations and experts to attend the discussions.
The conferences see the comprehensive analysis of China's current energy market and forecast of future energy development. They provide a broad platform for energy enterprises at home and abroad to communicate and play a positive role in helping foreign companies understand China's coal market.


  • 2013  
    We held Indonesia-China Coal Summit with BPPT and K-Coal in 2013.
  • 2010~2012  
    We held China Coal Import and Export Forum & Asia-Pacific Coal Summit with CCTD and McCloskey three times from 2010 to 2012 succsessfully.
  • 2008  
    We held China Coal Markets with McCloskey in 2008.
  • 2006  
    We held Japan-China Energy Environment Forum with CoalinQ in 2006.
  • 2005  
    We held China Coal Summit three times from 2003 to 2005 successfully.