Corporate introduction

Xinhua Infolink is a leading consultancy company in China’s energy industry, specializing in coal, metallurgy, shale gas, electricity, environment and other related industries. From 1997, in which the company was established, Xinhua Infolink has been involved in data collecting, information releasing, market research & analysis, conferences, consultation and price discovery of traded market in energy related industries towards domestic and international customers.


Through strong links with leading energy companies, China Coal Transport and Distribution Association, China Iron & Steel Association and China Electricity Council, and Energy Research Institute of NDRC, Xinhua InfoLink has developed a comprehensive database of the Chinese energy industry. Via good relationships with the major Chinese power generators and coal traders, Xinhua InfoLink has unparalleled industry connections. It is a leader for insight in its sector, making it a highly valued source of independent market intelligence.
In addition, Xinhua Infolink has developed very strong business links with European, American and Japanese major trading companies and power generators, as well as related government departments.
With more than 15-year history, Xinhua has built strong connections with China’s industrial associations, related government departments, and big state owned groups. Meanwhile, with its deep industry insights and extraordinary data collection ability, Xinhua Infolink has built strategic cooperating relationship with different countries’ official departments and international major energy companies. Currently, Xinhua’s strategic partners involve Indonesia Mining Association, Indonesia BPPT (the agency for the assessment and application of technology in Indonesia), Japan NEDO, and other foreign government energy departments. At the same time, Xinhua also has long-term cooperating relationship with IHS Global in US, K-Coal in Korea, J-Coal in Japan, Singapore Exchange, CME Group in US, and Japan Mizuho Information & Research Institute, Inc.


Xinhua Infolink has been equipped with an elite team constituted by 30 senior market researchers engaged in energy area for a long period of time. Meanwhile, the founder and major managers all have experience of working or studying abroad. In 2005, to provide more sophisticated service to Japanese clients, a branch was opened in Tokyo, the president of which had worked in the field of energy of Japanese major trading companies for more than 30 years.