Corporate history

  • 2014~2017
  • 2017.02  
    before the API8 index was used by Shenhua in 2017 to be one of the three indicies to its spot cargoes.
  • 2016.08  
    The China Coal Daily was revised
  • 2014.03  
    The Coal Big Data platform was formally launched in 2014, and is well received by the industry.
  • 2011~2013
  • 2013.06  
    JEI, the subsidiary of Xinhua Infolink, signed strategic cooperation agreement with Mizuho Information & Research Institute, Inc.
  • 2013.03  
    Signed the long-term cooperation agreement with the Indonesian Mining Association
  • 2013.03  
    Held the Indonesia-China Coal Market Summit in partnership with with Indonesian BPPT
  • 2012.09  
    Co-founded the coal portal with CCTD and established business cooperation with J-Coal
  • 2012.06  
    Launched API8 – China imported coal CFR price index- with Augus and IHS McCloskey
  • 2012.04  
    Entered into a strategic partnership with K-Coal
  • 2011.09  
    Set up branch company Japan Energy Infolink (JEI) in Japan
  • 2011.06  
    Co-founded the South China imported coal price index (South China CFR) with IHS McCloskey and listed it in the CME and the SGX
  • 2011.01  
    Participated in the restructuring of the fuel and logistics system of a large-scale power group in China, as an enterprise think tank
  • 2009-2010
  • 2010.09  
    Launched CHINA COAL DAILY globally with IHS McCloskey
  • 2010.08  
    Signed a long-term cooperation agreement with IHS GLOBAl
  • 2010.07  
    Held the China Coal International Conference with CCTD and IHS McCloskey
  • 2010.03  
    Signed strategic cooperation framework agreement with CCTD
  • 2009.05  
    Held Imported Coal Contracting Meeting, in which more than 30 power companies and coal traders participated
  • 2009.01  
    Provided PR services to China’s power groups as an adviser of coal suppliers and traders
  • 2008.10  
    Held China Coal International Conference with IHS McCloskey
  • 2008.04  
    Established business cooperation relationship with the Energy Research Institute of China's National Development and Reform Commission
  • 1997~2007
  • 2007.04   
    Planned and sponsored business trips of the five major power groups to Russia, Australia, Indonesia, South Africa, Japan, and Europe for five consecutive years
  • 2006.11  
    Organized the Japan-China Environment and Energy Symposium with CoalinQ, and CCTD
  • 2005.03  
    Provided China's industrial economic news and information to Dow Jones and FACTIVA.COM
  • 2005.06  
    Established Japanese office
  • 2004.10   
    Began to undertake the NEDO’s annual Asia Pacific Coal sophistication investigation project as the appointed China coal market information provider by the Japanese government
  • 2003.09  
    Issued CHINA COAL MONTHLY with The McCloskey Group
  • 2001.03  
    Contracted with the Japan coal website BtoB and CoalinQ to provide China’s coal news and data
  • 1997.05  
    Company was founded and began to provide industrial information services to embassies and foreign enterprises in China